Akinola, Repudiate Anti-Gay Violence

September 17, 2007

20 Questions for Archbishop Akinola


The Primate of All Nigeria hides from reporters while Davis Mac-Iyalla is in the room in Tanzania.

The Chicago Tribune has contacted me for an interview concerning the upcoming march in Wheaton Sept. 23. One Tribune religion reporter will be in New Orleans covering the House of Bishops’ meeting, while the other keeps an eye on things back home.

This got me to thinking; no doubt the reporters who show up at our demonstration will also want to talk to Archbishop Akinola. I hope they do more than ask him softball questions and transcribe his boilerplate replies.

But I’m a reporter; what would I ask him? Here are Josh’s 20 Questions for Peter Akinola:

1. Who paid for your plane ticket and hotel room this time?

2. How much is the Nigerian Church getting per month from your new American parishes?

3. What do the people of CANA get for the money they send you?

4. Will laypeople in CANA get to elect their bishops, or will you keep picking bishops for them?

5. Have you been able to counsel Richard Mellon Scaife as he goes through his second divorce (and third girlfriend)?

6. Why did you lose your re-election bid as president of the Christian Association of Nigeria?

7. Do you miss attending meetings of the Nigerian National Security Council?

8. How much oil money do you figure the former president stole?

9. When is the last time you spoke with Vice-President Goodluck Jonathan and what public policy issues did you discuss?

10. Don’t some of your bishops want to go to the Lambeth Conference despite your campaign against the Archbishop of Canterbury?

11. Why does playing the race card work so well with Rowan Williams?

12. Why is Nigerian poverty unimportant to you?

13. Why is the Nigerian Church losing so many members to Pentecostal churches?

14. Do you feel responsible at all for the Christian riots that killed a hundred Muslims the day after you warned publicly that “our Muslim brothers do not have a monopoly on violence?”

15. Why can’t you get the same-sex marriage bill through the National Assembly?

16. Why only five years in jail for people who visit a Gay website or have a Gay rights pamphlet in their car? Why not ten or fifteen years?

17. Why did you make it a point to tell reporters in London and New York about the time you ran away from Louie Crew when he wanted to shake your hand?

18. Can’t you have a Primates’ Meeting without Martyn Minns and Chris Sugden?

19. You weren’t sick that Sunday in Tanzania, were you?

20. What room in your house did Davis Mac-Iyalla sleep in the night the Bishop of Otupko died?

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