Akinola, Repudiate Anti-Gay Violence

September 15, 2007

Now Violent Nigerians Whine About THEIR Safety!


The Most Reverend Peter Akinola, by Adrian Worsford

It’s all because of homosexual terrorists, you know. Innocent people get Straight-bashed every day, lashed to fences and left bleeding to death—heteros executed in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Iran by vicious Gay sissy-thugs with their dress-wearing, Judy Garland-singing, family-destroying, world-dominating agenda. Because of them, Gay armies send planes into the World Trade Center and kill our soldiers in Iraq!

The shameless bishops of the Anglican Church of Nigeria are now saying they’re scared to go to the Lambeth Conference of bishops next year because of Gay activists and pamphleteers. Episcopal Café quotes this open letter from the Nigerian Church to the Archbishop of Canterbury:

We are all witnesses to:

• The presence of placard carrying and leaflets distributing campaigners at the last Lambeth Conference distracting Bishops who travelled thousands of miles for fellowship. These protesters effectively shifted the focus of the conference to human sexuality – as if that was all that mattered.

• The physical assaults against clergymen with opposing view, such as your predecessor attacked in his own Cathedral pulpit, and a Kenyan bishop assaulted by two people dressed as clergymen.

• The occasion when your own General Synod was disrupted by protestors angry over the handling of the Canon Jeffery John issue.

• Recent attempts to mandate unbiblical views in the UK through force of law and the protests and attacks by activists determined to disrupt and intimidate any group that seeks to uphold biblical teaching.

In truth anyone who does not embrace revisionist views is a potential target. We know it is possible to provide some security to minimize such occurrences but is the additional cost justifiable? Would the resultant atmosphere of fear and uncertainty be conducive to the goals of such a large gathering of bishops?”

This attempt to twist the facts with propaganda appears to be a direct response to Bishop Isaac Orama’s getting caught saying that LGBT people are “inhuman, insane, satanic and not fit to live.”

It’s a time-dishonored tactic: divert attention from your own scandal by accusing your opponents of the same thing you just did. Next Akinola will claim the Jews were responsible for krystallnacht!

As for “the physical assaults against clergymen with opposing view [sic], such as your predecessor attacked in his own Cathedral pulpit,” that was not a physical assault in any way; a Gay Christian activist named Peter Tatchell interrupted Archbishop Carey’s Easter 1998 sermon briefly and non-violently, for which a British court fined Tatchell $25, as the BBC reported. According to the magistrate:

“The offence as far as I am concerned is the equivalent of a minor public order offence.

“You are a man of previous good character and you have a clear commitment to your cause and a belief in non-violent protest.

“The incident lasted at most for a few minutes. No one was hurt and the service resumed shortly afterwards.”

No one was hurt, yet the Nigerian Church calls that a physical assault! Do you need any more proof that these men are liars?

These bishops are not Christians in any recognizable way. Americans who follow them—out of ignorance more than hatred, I believe—are being played for fools.

I keep wondering if someday the people in the pews at secessionist churches will realize their clergy are robbing them blind (Don Armstrong), lying to them (David Anderson), manipulating them (Martyn Minns), hammering their souls (Matt “We are all depraved” Kennedy) and demonizing their children (Peter Akinola, Henry Orombi)—but they never do.

No bishop ever got maimed by a Gay pamphlet. No marriage ever got destroyed by a Gay activist. No child ever got turned Gay by a book or movie. And no civilization ever got destroyed because Adam loved Steve and not Eve.

Here is the Rev. Colin Coward’s take on what actually happened at Lambeth 1998, courtesy of Thinking Anglicans. He was there, I was not. Coward is the director of Changing Attitude-England and mentor of Davis Mac-Iyalla, the Nigerian Gay Anglican targeted by Akinola with death threats:

Protesters did not shift the focus of Lambeth 1998 to sexuality – the focus on homosexuality was initiated by the Statement on Human Sexuality issued by the Anglican Churches of the South meeting in Kuala Lumpur in February 1997. The meeting was led by the Most Reverend Joseph A. Adetiloye, Archbishop of Nigeria. The “Kuala Lumpur Statement”, as it came to be known, was then endorsed by the House of Bishops of the Anglican Church in America.

A Nigerian initiated the focus on sexuality at Lambeth 1998 and with their conservative friends from America, it was Nigeria that forced it onto the agenda, forced resolution 1.10 to be drafted, forced a debate at the final plenary session.

I was among those from Changing Attitude who distributed leaflets advertising an open hearing to listen to the experience of lesbian and gay people. We didn’t distract bishops nor shift the focus.

The most abusive event to happen at Lambeth ‘98 was the attempt by Bishop Emmanuel Chukwuma of Nigeria to exorcise Richard Kirker’s “demons of homosexuality.” Richard and other LGCM members had been holding their banner in a quiet and dignified manner that day – no abuse, no intimidation, just an appropriate presence.

Some of the Nigerian bishops and their secessionist allies in America say they don’t want to come to Lambeth because they are worried about security. They think we are going to attack them. What they don’t want, of course (some of them) is to sit quietly and have a conversation with us and relate to us as human beings and brother and sister Christians.

This letter is another tactical move from the Church of Nigeria and her allies in the USA. It is a letter written from a position of weakness. They are not getting their own way. Clearly the majority of bishops at the meeting this week want to come to Lambeth and Minns and Akinola couldn‘t persuade them otherwise.

They want an immediate Primate’s meeting and ++Rowan to postpone Lambeth and get everyone stitched up with a binding Covenant. That won’t happen either. So the next step, taken after the TEC House of Bishops’ meeting, will be further threats to raise the pressure, and when that fails, another strategic move to buy time, and eventually they will turn up at Lambeth.

The demonstration against Peter Akinola and all his American followers in Wheaton, Illinois on Sunday, September 23 from 10-11 a.m. is ON. Come and watch the queers be gentle in the face of hatred, homophobia and sheeply gullibility.++

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  1. It makes one wonder, doesn’t it? With everything else that is going on in Nigeria, with all of its problems, they have to focus on messing with gay people! Amazing!

    Comment by Kurt — September 16, 2007 @ 2:43 pm | Reply

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