Akinola, Repudiate Anti-Gay Violence

September 12, 2007

Orombi’s Coming too, to Chattanooga Presbyterians


Next week, it seems, is crunch time for the Episcopal Church and the worldwide Anglican Communion, and certain bishops are furiously elbowing each other to say “Me too!” to schism.

The American House of Bishops meets Sept. 20-25 in New Orleans with Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury. He is hoping to rein in the Episcopalians, who have this strange notion that all love is from God, even when that love is shared between persons of the same sex.

If Williams does not succeed (and no one thinks he will), what next? No one knows for sure. He could grow a spine and say, “Well, the Americans are wrong, but I’m not walking away from them.” He could say, “The Americans are wrong, and the rest of us have to walk away from them.” He could say, “The Americans are wrong, and I’m demoting them but not walking away from them.” Or he could say, “It’s all so complex, you see, and even though the Americans are wrong, it’s not for me to decide these things. Let’s study some more.”

Meanwhile, the Africans are coming! The Africans are coming!

Besides Peter Akinola, whom we’re planning to picket on Sunday, Sept. 23 in Wheaton, Illinois, his fellow primate Henry Orombi of Uganda doesn’t want to miss any of the action, so he’s coming to the U.S. too, the same exact week. He’s invited to a Presbyterian conference in Chattanooga. Apparently the Ugandan Church doesn’t need him full-time, because he’ll be in Tennessee for days on end. Here’s the word from his Chattanooga hosts:

Covenant College presents the Neal Conference on True Spirituality September 17-23, 2007, featuring speaker Mindy Belz, editor of World magazine, and musician Phil Wickham. The keynote speaker for the 2007 conference is The Most Reverend Henry Luke Orombi, archbishop of the Church of Uganda.

The relevant schedule is as follows:

Wednesday, September 19
11:00 a.m. Chapel with Archbishop Orombi
5:30 p.m. Invitation-only Anglican Fellowship
7:30 p.m. Chapel with Archbishop Orombi

Thursday, September 20
11:00 a.m. Chapel with Archbishop Orombi
Following chapel Invitation-only Pastors Luncheon
7:30 p.m. Chapel with Archbishop Orombi

Friday, September 21
8:30 a.m. Invitation-only Breakfast
11:00 a.m. Chapel with Archbishop Orombi

Sunday, September 23
11:00 a.m. First Presbyterian Church, Chattanooga
Worship service with Archbishop Orombi preaching
6:00 p.m. Covenant Presbyterian Church, Chattanooga
Presbytery-wide worship service with Archbishop Orombi

Meanwhile, a few dioceses are announcing plans to leave the Episcopal Church and take their property with them: Pittsburgh, Quincy, Fort Worth, each putting out frantic press releases.

The rest of the world will snooze through all this, but Anglicans care deeply.

Those of you in the South who can’t get to Chicago Sept. 23 ought to check out Chattanooga.

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